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Meat (Beef, Bison, Poultry, Rabbit)

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Brave and Sons, LLC offers local ranch raised grass fed beef in wholes, halves, or quarters. Meat can be packaged to customers specifications. Please allow up to 30 days after order to receive your beef. Farm pick up available Wed & Thur. Deliveries M-F 5pm-8pm

Location: Big Sandy Valley, AZ

Products: Frozen Beef

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Moore Brothers Natural is premium beef that is raised on their family farm in North Carolina, where they produce meat that is simply DELICIOUS! Cattle are raised and farm fed in a totally natural environment. 

Location: Maxton, NC


Products: Steak Cuts, Beef Brisket, Roast, Breakfast Steak, Ribs, Stew, Hamburger Patties, Ground Beef, Smoked Sausage

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Litson Ranch is owned and managed by Native Women, and located at the center of the Navajo Nation in the communities of Tsaile and Wheatfields, AZ. As 4th generation ranchers, Litson Ranch provides flavorful grass-fed beef for family to feed! Customers can order custom cut beef or individual beef cuts. 

Products: Frozen beef, custom order

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DX Beef re-connects consumers with the story of the land. When buying home-raised products, you gain confidence in your food source, & your community impact. DX Beef improves access to wholesome, locally grown, affordable beef products. 

Location: Eagle Butte, SD

Products: Frozen beef

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Native American Enterprises' mission is to inspire their team with the passion to provide the highest food safety and quality, that will enrich mind, body, and spirit. They offer custom processing, special aging, and private labeling for all of their products


Location: Wichita, KS

Products: Custom packed, fresh or frozen beef, chicken, pork and boil-in-bag products.

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Kahulahele Farms is passionate about contributing to indigenous food sovereignty, building a micro food system, and practicing regenerative agriculture. 

Location: Oneida, WI

Products: Free range eggs,     


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Hand Family Ranch LLC

Family ranch operated in Datil, NM. 

Products: Beef

Minthorn Farms

Family operated cattle ranch in Oregon. 


Location: Pendleton, OR


Products: Beef, Chickens

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Ramblin' Rodarosa offers grassfed beef raised on native pastures, year-round. Their cows and calves are not stressed, and they are treated well and cared for as part of the family


Location: Coleman, TX

Products: Wholesale, Retail, and Customer Beef orders.

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Mountain Lake Cattle Company products are guaranteed to be born, raised, and processed locally. They are ranching in the beautiful foothills, raising fantastic grassfed beef.

Location: Garden Valley, CA

Product: Grass-fed Beef, Organic Rabbit

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Rolland Ranch Beef

Rolland Ranch offers beef that is antibiotic and steroid free, raised on their beautiful Oklahoma ranch that spans 6,000 acres in Muskogee and McIntosh Counties.

Location: Oklahoma

Products: Beef

Ute Bison

UTE BISON provide all natural bison meat products for a healthier, hormone free bison meat, with no fillers. Their bison are treated humanely and with the utmost respect, adhering to the cultural traditions of the Ute Indian Tribe of Uintah and Ouray Reservation.

Location: Fort Duchesne, UT

Products: Fresh or frozen bison. Bison stick or flat jerky. 

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Utilizing teachings of respect, sustainability, and humane treatment of the buffalo, the Cheyenne River Buffalo Company  invite you to share in their experience through the wholesome nutrition they continue to provide their people and the legacy they continue to foster.

Location: South Dakota

Products: Fresh/Frozen Beef and Bison (custom, wholesale). Bison jerky.

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Quapaw Cattle Company is committed to providing high quality, hormone-free beef. They use safe and humane practices in raising and handling our animals. Quapaw Cattle Company is proud to offer Choice, Choice Plus, and Prime Beef. We also raise grass-fed, grain-finished beef. All of our beef products are hormone-free and natural with no added chemicals or colorings. Quapaw Cattle Company only processes cattle that are of an "A" maturity level.

Location: Quapaw, OK

Products: Beef and Bison (custom, wholesale)

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Little Wolf takes great pride in producing quality beef and works closely with the ranchers they directly buy their beef from. Midwest Bred & Fed, our breeders sustainably and humanely raise the highest quality Black Angus cattle in the heartland of Missouri. They are 3rd and 4th generation meat people who respect the art of the cut and live for the juicy taste of a great steak.

Location: La Grange Park, IL

Products: Custom, Online retail, Wholesale Beef

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Birds N' Things Farms is a small farm that specializes in pasture raised poultry, pork, lamb, goat, eggs and so much more.

Location: Ashland, WI

Products: Pasture Raised Poultry, Pork, Lamb, and Goat. 

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SouLodge Ranch, LLC

SL Grass Beef strives to produce a superior-quality meat that is honoring of the whole animal, the soil, and the holistic nature of life. 

Location: Oregon

Products: Grass-fed beef and seasonal herbs

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Osage Nation is dedicated to providing healthy food for the Osage community. 

Location: Oklahoma

Products: Beef and Bison

REZ CHICKS Fresh Egg Cooperative

Rez Chicks Cooperative provides locally produced, all natural fresh eggs to the Umatilla reservation and regional customers. 

Location: Oregon

Products: Fresh Eggs