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AIF Members at the Intertribal Agriculture Council Conference. 


Cheesecake - 100% sourced ingredients from Native producers. 

The Native Food Connection elevates Native agriculture by increasing exposure and growth in the domestic and specialty markets. 

Through Native Food Connection, the IAC-American Indian Foods Program  will expand public awareness leading to new market opportunities for Tribal producers while reframing the growing Native culinary movement to encompass the entire spectrum of the Indian Ag and food sector.

Major Activities: 
  1. facilitation of market access for Native products and services;

  2. featuring products in Native organization-sponsored conferences; and

  3. support for more effective branding and trademarking of products, and producer marketing education.

Menu and Native Chefs:

We have menu options that can make your event memorable. All ingredients and products can be sourced from Native producers - making the meal 100% Native sourced. Additionally, IAC-AIF has working partnerships with Native Chefs who can assist in menu building and oversight to make your banquet, luncheon, and event a success. 

Already have a menu and interested in sourcing products or ingredients from Native producers? We can help - give us a call. 

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