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Promote your products around the world! 

With funding from USDA Market Access Program (MAP), our members can can participate in international activities that are fully reimbursed. 

We offer members an opportunity to showcase their products at trade shows held around the world. Our services also include meeting coordination with qualified buyers, interpreter assistance, general show support, and so much more.

How to apply?
  1. Submit a Trademark Application

  2. Attend a Claim and Trip Report Webinar/Training

  3. Schedule a Program Overview Consultation with the AIF staff. 

  4. Send over product information, inventory list, and marketing literature. 

  5. Submit 2020 Marketing Plan.

Request for Information

We request the same basic information from every applicant to verify each company’s eligibility. AIF may request additional information or documentation. All materials submitted to AIF are kept confidential.

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