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An individual, Tribe or Indian organization applying to participate in the AIF Program for the promotion of agricultural or other Indian made products which have been produced and/or processed by enrolled members of a federally recognized Tribe, will need to provide documentation that verifies the user/participant is a federally recognized Tribal member/entity or an Alaskan Village as defined by law; or at least a *controlling share interest.

*A controlling shareholder with 51% interest or more: Applies to individuals, tribes, tribal organizations, firms, partnerships, corporations, or associations applying

One of the many programs offered by the Intertribal Agriculture Council, the American Indian Foods Program offers a variety of programs and services to assist Native American and Alaskan Native agribusiness owners and entrepreneurs seeking new markets or export expansion.

Whether you are just getting started or already exporting, our programs offer opportunities and resources to support you through every phase. 

AIF Export Program 

Through our export program, we provide members with a platform to showcase their products/goods and culture with the world through international trade show activities and buyer missions. Activities emphasize export readiness and exposure to international markets.    

Native Food Connection

Creating domestic market opportunities for Native American and Alaskan Native agribusinesses while providing marketing education and collaboration with Native conferences.


American Indian Trademark

The "Made/Produced by American Indians" trademark is monitored and marketed by the Intertribal Agriculture Council. The trademark certifies a product is 100% made or produced by a federally recognized Tribal entity or individual. Learn more ... [click here]

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