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The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) promotes the “Made/Produced by American Indians” trademark as a means to successfully and clearly identify American Indian made products from federally recognized Tribes and Alaskan Native Villages. The trademark was created to protect Indian producers and consumers from fake and falsely advertised Indian-made products. IAC started the arduous task of initial research, development, and registration of the “Made by American Indians” trademark in 1991 when the project was funded by a grant through the Administration for Native Americans. The trademark has been formally approved and successfully test marketed since 1993. The 'Made/Produced by American Indians' trademark identifies American Indian made products and assists American Indian producers in improving their market success, thereby increasing the economic base of the Indian producer and their community. Through this universal emblem, consumers are able to easily identify authentic American Indian produced goods.

Licensed trademark users have participated in this program and users are continuously added. Producer as well as consumer interest continues to grow and offers improved marketing potential for all Indian producers through national and international exposure. The IAC’s booklet on use of the “Made by American Indians” trademark has been a great resource for interested individuals. The booklet offers an overview of the uses of the trademark as well as an application for its use. Click the link above to view a copy of the Official Trademark Use Guide. 

To qualify: The user or participant must be a federally recognized Tribal member, tribal entity, or an Alaskan Village as defined by law. Or at least have a controlling 51% share interest. Required Documentation For an Individual can be a Tribal ID or enrollment card. Tribal Organizations can submit Tribal Council Resolutions or an authorized statement from the current tribal executive leader.

Click the link above to apply for use of the ‘Made/Produced by American Indians’ Trademark.

Visit our Producer Directory to view a list of certified Trademark users.

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