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  • How do I apply for the Made/Produced By American Indians Trademark?
    Fill out the Trademark Application and email to, along with product shots. The Trademark Application is available for download on the "American Indian Trademark" tab. Once your application has been received and reviewed, you will recieve a follow-up regarding your status.
  • Is there an application fee?
    No. There is no application fee.
  • What types of products can use the AIF Trademark?
    The AIF trademark is designed to work with Tribal and individual American Indian owned businesses to provide export education and to facilitate global market penetration. Products considered are: Fresh meat, Processed meat products (namely, hot dogs, summer sausage; beef, buffalo, bison, pork, lamb and poultry meat products), fresh fish and seafood; frozen fish and frozen seafood; canned fish and canned seafood; smoked fish and smoked seafood. Jerky; dried meats, fruits and vegetables; pemmican; dried beans; bean soup mix; olive oils; nuts; berries; pickled asparagus; fruit preserves, jellies and jams; wild rice; maple syrup; pancake mix; chocolate; muffin mix; dried and dehydrated corn; hominy; salsa; vinaigrette; cocktail sauce; fry bread mix; chili powder; spices; corn meal; breads; flour; corn. Fresh vegetables; fresh fruit; frozen fruit; fresh mushrooms; dried mushrooms; wine Herbal teas for non‐medicinal and medicinal purposes; botanical teas for non‐medicinal and medicinal purposes; candles; dried native roots. Jewelry; key chains; beaded products; beaded bouquets; knives; buckskins; tote bags; construction aggregate of crushed rock and sand; rock; lumber; antler work; animal horn art; salt/pepper shakers; bowls; birch bark products; baskets; containers for household or kitchen use; bird houses, not being structures; wool products; blankets; t‐shirts; shawls; belts; ponchos; barrettes; dolls; masks. Lotions; shampoos; conditioners; body washes; soaps; facial serums; potpourri; salves; lip balms; detergents. Top soil; hay; alfalfa hay; wheat; raw wheat; parched wheat. Our goal is to put Tribally-owned business in contact with International buyers interested in food and agriculture products.
  • I am not ready for export, can I still apply for Trademark use?"
    Yes. Our mission is to provide resources and specific professional information to our producers so they feel confident to take their business international. Our program is carried out in two steps: 1. Export Readiness Seminars 2. Trade Promotions
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